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Civil War II (CW II) is a historical strategy game using simultaneous turn resolution – also called a WeGO system – that places players at the head of the United States (USA) or Confederate States (CSA) of America during the American Civil War (1861-1865). It can be played either against the computer’s artificial intelligence (AI) or against a human opponent using file transfer protocols such as email or online file sharing services (pBem).

Players assume the role of military and political leaders leading the Armies and Fleets of their nation during these five years of bitter struggle throughout a divided nation, or smaller scenarios or campaigns depicting only a portion of this civil war. Both sides will strive to capture and hold key Objectives, destroy enemy forces in order to break their will to fight and hopefully win the war.

Although clearly focused on military operations, key political and economic factors are also modeled in great detail by historical options and regional decisions that can affect the course of the war. There is more to war than battles: the parties may work to gain or prevent foreign support for the Confederacy, increase production capacity through targeted investment, prevail in the economic war of blockade and commerce raiding, and seek to wreak havoc on the enemy economy and divert their troops by raiding behind the lines. many events have a substantial impact on National morale, which reflects the struggle to break the enemy’s will to continue the fight. If neither side can break the other’s morale, victory points will determine the result of the game.





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